Openssh error in VSC

Hello,I’m getting a bit desperate and don’t know how to move on.
I’m able to connect to imx8 via cmd line and generally everything from the general instructions works until the step where I want to send a python attachment to Ixora via Visual studio extension. I can connect to the board,but it is not possible to open ssh. My guess is that credentials are not established somewhere,but I don’t know where. Everything is standard setup according to your instructions and the PC is Debian stable.
Thank you in advance.

Hi @Micka ,

From what I understood you’re trying to start a debug session on a Python project when you get this issue. Looks like an error when trying to build the debug container image.

The image you shared doesn’t appear to show all error logs, particularly those that detail the error in RUN openssh-server. Can you provide those additional logs in text format?

Also, did you change the Dockerfile.debug file? Can you share it here? If you don’t want to share it publicly, you can send an email to with the file attached.

You said you can connect to the board, via the IDE extension I assume. Outside VSCode, can you open a terminal and connect to the board via ssh?

Best regards,
Lucas Akira