OpenJDK 8 support on 2.7 BSP's and beyond

We’re now going to production with Colibri iMX7 modules that have customized V2.6 BSP’s with support for OpenJDK 8. Setup for Java was per Toradex instructions and they worked great. I’m now evaluating the 1G iMX7 and want to move to newer BSP’s (V2.7+).

I saw that in the instructions ‘Adding the Java Layer’, there’s still a note that says that java does not compile in a V2.7 due to an incompatibility with gcc 6. Is this still a problem?

I need to incorporate OpenJDK in these images and would like to use V2.7+…thanks



I believe that with head of meta-java, morty branch (i.e. with 65bd3d6eaa6ae4e06f1c04efb493f448cf6d619b or later) that OpenJDK8 builds fine.

You might need this proposed patch though in a setup which uses the Linaro toolchain, e.g. with our standard proposed one.