Opening Wireless Information in Windows CE 7

I had this code from CE5


Which opened the Wireless Information dialog. After upgrading to Windows CE 7 the same code does not open the screen anymore.

The function call returns true, so the message was posted, but the dialog is not opening.

Dear @robmac,

Thank you for contacting the support.
Due to network stack update from CE5 to WEC7, this issue would be raised. Could you please share sample application to reproduce the issue on our side, it will help us debug the issue effectively. Just I quickly searched but I didn’t get sample code to reproduce the issue.

I have seen one change in network stack WM_WZCSYSTRAYICON is renamed to WM_NWSYSTRAYICON still values are same.

Also, we have a documentation for WinCE WiFi Application. Could you please take a look:

link text

Project is attached. If I use this program on CE5 then the correct dialogs are opened, on CE7, I do not get any open dialogs.

Dear @robmac,

Thank you for sample code. We are unable to find the root cause of the issue but we can predict, due to Wireless API changes from CE6 to WEC7 would be the reason for this issue.

Could you please refer Microsoft documentation for more information :

and you may get some help from MSDN forum:

As of now, we don’t know any other workaround other than

Let us know if you need further assistance on this.