OpenGL problem with Tegra WinCE Image 2.2 (CE8)

Hi, I have downloaded and installed the last WCE8 image provided by toradex, version 2.2 and my application that run opengl es crash after few second of opengl´s initialization. Currently i am running my app under WCE8 image version 2.1 and It works perfectly. When I use texture the app crash at the same time that try to load the texture.


Dear @Federico

There have been various issues in the OpenGL stack that we fixed recently. Please try to use the latest OS release V2.3b2.
Chances are good that your problem will be solved by this.

Regards, Andy

Thank you very much Andy.
I have already installed then OS version 2.3b and I am doing some test with opengl library and it is working great so far,

Thank you again