OpenGL GLES on console (DRM + GBM + EGL) for Colibri iMX6

Hi all,

I want to run an OpenGL ES application on console, i.e., on a drm framebuffer. I have a working example what runs on a different hardware. It sets up the GLES context with the help of drm, gbm and egl libs.

I have successfully created the factory image and the SDK for my colibri iMX6.

Now it seems that I am missing the and the gbm.h only. Strange enough, there is a file in the .debug dir called /usr/lib/.debug/ and also the .h exists in the path /usr/src/debug/mesa/2_12.0.1-r0/mesa-12.0.1/src/gbm/main/gbm.h.

How can I make gbm be included in the project? What else do I need to be able to successfully compile and run my application?

I have seen one similar question, suggesting that I need to remove x11 dependencies (DISTRO_FEATURES_remove = “x11 directfb wayland”), but I did not really understand if that comment applies to me and was not able to do a successful build… If that is the way, I guess I need some more help.

Note, that I am completely new on this yocto topic, please be gentle with me! :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,