OpenGL ES 2.0 sample initialization code for WinCE 7


I am in need of an OpenGL ES 2.0 sample code. I have looked around the web, and there is no clear and simple OpenGL ES 2.0 initialization example.
Could anyone kindly provide me with a simple working source code to draw a triangle (or textured square)?
The target device is Toradex Colibri T20 running WinCE 7.

I have installed the SDK for colibri T20, which grants me access to EGL, GLES2 and KD library (all under a folder named ‘ce6_tegra_250_5265393’). And I am using VS2008 to code.
Are there anyway to initialize OpenGL 2.0 without using KD library? If there are, please provide an example.

I am a programmer transitioning from Java (Android) to embedded c++ system. I am familiar with the rendering process of GLES 2.0. However, the window creation and GLES2.0 initialization are currently the hardest part for me. Just a simple code that gets me past the initialization part (along with the required includes) could help me progress tremendously.

Thanks in advance!

We have created an article on our developer page containing the sample refered to above, along with some additional samples: