OpenCV4tegra on the tk1 for ubuntu 16.04

Hi ! I would like to make cross compilation with opencv4tegra and Ubuntu. Is it possible to make it with Ubuntu 16.04 ?
I have read that I have to install NVIDIA JetPack with L4T on Apalis TK1, but NVIDIA’s JetPack 3.1 only supports Ubuntu 14.04.

What is more, I want to make the cross compilation from Ubuntu 16.04 (virtual machine). What IDE should I use and which version of openCv ?


We have not tried it with any later version of Ubuntu then the NVIDIA recommended 14.04. As IDE we recommend using Eclipse of which there is also a special version from Nvidia available. As for OpenCV you have the choice between proprietary Tegra optimised but still based on version 2.4 or any later version but without any special optimisation. However, you may still be able to use the regular CUDA algorithms but keep in mind that TK1 is still at CUDA version 6.5.