Opencv on Tegra T30

Hi there,

My name is Federico, I would like to start a project using opencv library. I have been working with the colibri Tegra T30 module with WINCE 2013. I have been looking for information on your web page about opencv on tegra T30 but I could no find anything. I would like to know which module would be recommended to work with openCV. Also, I would like to know if it is possible to work with the Tegra T30. I that case, is there any link that point me in the right direction to install/create a linux image with opencv for this module?


hi @Federico

What is your Application?

For installing and using OpenCV you can have a look here.

Best regards, Jaski

Dear @Federico,

Sorry, we don’t have anything promising for OpenCV for Tegra 30, WinCE. We have only OpenGL and OpenMAX demo application here :
Please let me know if you have any other questions

Hi Jaski and Raja,
Thank you for your reply. I do not have an application yet but I want to do something using opencv. As I have been working with Tegra T30 I wonder if it would be a good choice continuing with that module or make a change to another. I have seen that you promote the apalis TK1.

Pretty much any module may be used for OpenCV given the right software image. The question is, whether or not the performance that will give you is sufficient for what you are trying to do. More advanced vision algorithms may require special hardware acceleration features to reach sufficient performance levels. Such integration is not really available for T30 out-of-the-box while using e.g. NVIDIA’s JetPack on Apalis TK1 may integrate certain such. Apalis iMX8 or Apalis/Colibri iMX8X may in the future also be good candidates once OpenCV integration is available. Again, at the end, it really depends on your requirements whether or not a particular module may fit the bill.