On T20+Iris board, how to activate the (digital) DVI signal on the DVI-I port?

I have been using T20+Iris+WCE7 with a DVI-2-VGA adaptor connected to the DVI-I port for several weeks now. No problems whatsoever but I wasn’t too happy with the quality of the image on an old development VGA monitor.

To test what my customers will see on a production ready display with DVI input (Benq senseye 3), I switched to the new monitor, expecting the DVI signal would be present on the DVI-I connector (along with the analog VGA I had been using).

But the monitor complains there is not signal.

We couldn’t find a specific Teak tool switch or entry in the registry to activate DVI output in the DVI-I port.

Help on this would be much appreciated.

Thanks Samuel. You are spot on. We received the ribbon cable but it was not connected when we tested the DVI display, wrongly assuming the digital signals were included in the SODIMM pinout and present on the DVI-I connector. Will do asap and confirm it works.

Make sure you attached a FFC cable from the connector on the module to Iris board? The digital signals are not on the SODIMM connector itself but only on the extension connector on the backside of the module.

Solved. Pretty trivial actually.