Offline Updates via USB Stick/SD Card

I like to be able to update devices via a USB Memory Stick or SD Card

It would still be required that USB Updates are very secure, and if something goes wrong, they should roll back to known working status.

Ideally, I can have mixed fleets with the device getting updates via an Internet connection and some getting it via USB Memory Stick.

Not all devices will have an internet connection. We see the move to remote updates, but this is not always possible as some devices are in places where an internet connection is not feasible


I’d love to use this function in my Colibri IMX8X

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Yes that would be nice. What is the status?

Hi @Fide , Hi @MariusM ,

There is a webinar coming up. :slight_smile:

You can still register here:

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Unfortunately I was late :frowning: