OCOTP (One Time Programming) on VF50


The VF50 (and VF61) comes with On-Chip One Time Programmable Controller (OCOTP). It could store Unique ID and MAC address however - looking at modules I have - it seems it is not used for that purpose.

  1. Why MAC address is not stored in OCOTP? The OCOTP registers for MAC are empty.
  2. Why Unique ID is not stored in OCOTP?
  3. Are fuses for OCOTP already blown in shipped Colibri modules? Could customer re-program them?

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  1. Toradex decided a while ago not to fuse it by default. The argument was mainly so we could leave it open to the end customer to fuse a MAC of its own organizationally unique identifier (OUI).
  2. Same here, so it could be used for customers unique ID…
  3. We fuse the boot device. Customer can fuse other fuses if needed.

Thanks for answer!