NXP uuu tool could not works well for eMMC in apalis I.MX8


We get apalis IMX 8 QM 4GB IT v1.1D and apalis carrie board. we start with toradex easy installer and it works. we try to use NXP uuu tool to flash EMMC by USBOTG1, by uuu -b emmc imx_boot.bin. It stucked, it download image into RAM without flash eMMC. Once running the script one by one in uuu, it strucked in “FB:xxxxx”.

We compared the apalis dts file, it seems like the SC_P_USB_SS3_TC0_LSIO_GPIO04_IO_03 0x06000060, while in NXP dts, this value is 0x06000048.

We wonder whether it is the root cause of not flash emmc by uuu tool. Any solution on this issue. While we use imx8qm-mek_defconfig instead of apalis-imx8_defconfig, uuu works. Then u_boot start up, the linux could not start up with imx8qm-mek_defconfig.

We wonder what are difference between apalis board and NXP i.MX8QM mek board. When we port RTOS and customize u_boot, any suggestion on this.

Thank you very much.

Hello Ling, welcome to our Community.
We don’t use uuu to flash image to eMMC. It is different from NXP MEK board. What we support is loading an image called Toradex Easy Installer to the RAM by uuu and launching it. And the final image will be flashed to eMMC from Toradex Easy Installer. We suggest flashing your custom RTOS image by Toradex Easy Installer as well. Toradex Easy Installer support variaous parititions on eMMC e.g. RAW/FAT/EXT. It can be achieved by its config file image.json. Toradedx Easy Installer will still work in case Apalis iMX8 SoM’s RAM or eMMC changes.