NvFlash recovery failed

Trying to restore OS image using the recipe from here:

Got these errors:

Should we try anything else or is this the end? :slight_smile:

Dear @protasovdg

We recently found an issue in the nvflash package. We don’t have a proper new release yet, but try to replace loader.nb0 in the NvFlash folder with the intermediate build below:

Let me know whether it helped. If it didn’t help, can you please enable the debug messages, and send me the debug log along with the consoloe output.

Regards, Andy

@andy.tx, thank you for the answer. We will try it ASAP. It is a really big problem, because our tech.guys cannot restore a significant amount of modules with a bad images. The other big question what is the reason of an image corruption, we didn’t face it on PXA320 devices before.

dear @protasovdg
If the new loader.nb0 helps, then we probably have a few modules here showing the same issue. We’re currently investigating the root cause and search for a proper solution.
I’m looking forward to hearing about your test results.
Regards, Andy

Thank you, couple of the modules are restored with the new loader.nb0.
But the other two are not cured:

The both modules are V1.1A.
Unfortunately, we could not turn on the debug messages on these modules.
After nvflash used at previous week, the modules go to the recovery mode after power on.
So, they don’t communicate with a serial port via bootloader interface.

Dear @protasovdg

I’m afraid it looks like these two modules have a serious issue with the eMMC device.

May I ask yo to fill in the RMA form in order to return the defective modules for repair / replacement.
Please put a note that we discussed the issue already in the community, otherwise we will ask you questions trying to remote-fix a potential software problem.

I apologize for the inconvenience caused!
Regards, Andy

OK. I sent this information to our hardware department.