Not access to Ubuntu Desktop GUI


I did finally flash ubuntu for tegra into my Apalis TK1. I was able to use my Apalis on development Host(using minicom), but I could not get any display when I hooked it to any monitor. I saw that there is a specific errata for HDMI issues when having Apalis TK1 with Ixora carrier board(this is my case). Hence, I hooked my Apalis TK1 to Apalis Evaluation Board V1.1A, and try to get any display via VGA or DVI but I could not achieve. Also, I installed ubuntu-desktop, but no change at all. I only had this problem with Apalis TK1 having ubuntu, I tried this procedure with other Apalis TK1’s having LXDE image ( and I got the display.

I need to enable my desktop GUI because I will use it while performing some tasks with gstreamer.

Thank you for your help.

How exactly did you install Ubuntu? The JetPack method described in the following article should really work fine as such.

I follow the following link But I did not use JetPack, I build rootfs folder from another tegra having ubuntu 14.04. Then I create the image with ./ -m 2 -o /…/… , and flash it into my Apalis TK1. It work fines as I see from command line, but I do not understand what the problem with display is eventhough I install ubuntu-desktop.

Also, I cannot see any error in dmesg log provided in the attachment below.


You seem to have used the mainline rather than the downstream Linux kernel. Especially when it comes down to graphics functionality the two behave completely differently and will require resp. compatible user space graphics stacks. If you plan on using NVIDIA’s downstream graphics stack e.g. from their Linux for Tegra aka L4T then this will not work unless you use the downstream Linux kernel as well. So whatever you mean by

I build rootfs folder from another tegra having ubuntu 14.04.

it may just not be compatible with the mainline Linux kernel 4.9. You may refer to our mainline BSP meta data to learn what exact user space graphics stack may be appropriate.