Not able to install toradex sdk

i have followed this steps and
i have installed VS2013 on my laptop and then platform builder from here
and when i start installing toradex ce8 sdk, this pop-up comes. “you must install windows embedded XAML tools before you can proceed with this sdk installation”
Please let me know what should i do.


Probably you missed some part while installing Visual Studio 2013. I guess that Microsoft refers to “Expression Blend” as XAML Tools. Maybe you should have installed this? Expression Blend and XAML for Windows Embedded (Compact 2013) | Microsoft Docs
It is also possible that you need VS2013 or we recommend to use VS2015 instead.

Please let us know if it doesn’t help.

Hi @raja.tx on VS13, i have use “” SDK to solve this problem as written “Modified MSI to prevent issues with missing XAML Tools when installing SDK.”


I am glad to know you found a solution and thank you for posting here.

I’ve compared the 2.0 and 2.3 setups and you removed the call “CheckPreReqWEXTInstalled” in the DLL B_ToolsMsmCA in version 2.0.

I have the same problem, I can’t install the latest Toradex SDK version 2.3.
I’ve installed VS 2013 Community Edition with all features and AppBuilderSetup VS2013 V60801. But when I try to install Toradex_CE8_SDK_2_3.msi the following error occurs: “You must install Windows Embedded XAML Tools before you can proceed with this SDK installation.”
With Version 2.0 it would work, but I would prefer the latest version of the Toradex SDK.

In the revision notes of 2.0 stands: “SDK built based on Microsoft QFE Updates March 2015. Modified MSI to prevent issues with missing XAML Tools when installing SDK.”

Probably the V2.3 setup just needs to be modified?

Dear @TriUrs

I’m duplicating my answer here for completeness (also refer to the Question Toradex SDK 2.3 not Installable with VS2013).

I actually found a problem with our previous SDK download - the check for the XAML tools fails even if the XAML tools are installed.
I uploaded a new version of SDK 2.3 installer with that check removed.

Best Regards