Not able to get output of DVI interface on colibri evolution board

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Using the default image (Colibri-iMX6ULL_LXDE-Image 2.8b7. 20200610
) provided by the toradex , I just want to validate DVI interface

we are connecting DVI → VGA cable → VGA2HDMI convertor → HDMI–> Display

Is there any change from the hardware side on the gateway ? any jumper or pin changes ??

FYI: This image with above scenario working on the Iris carrier board.

Can you check and let us know the issue.


Use a VGA connector (X24) on Colibri Evaluation board.

Hi @alex.tx

Thank you for the response.

Yes VGA connector ( X24 ) is working on the Evolution board, for the requirement of client I have to use DVI connection.

Is there any issue with DVI interface ? any modification or pin change on carrier board ??

Colibri iMX6Ull has no DVI or HDMI interface. The only video interface it has a Parallel RGB. Both Iris and Colibri Evaluation board has RGB to VGA converter IC. On Evaluation board VGA signals routed to dedicated VGA connector. On Iris board VGA signals are routed to DVI connector’s analog VGA signals pins. But in both cases it just analog VGA.


thank you for the clarification .

You are welcome.

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