Not able to find build/conf/local.conf in openembedded project


I am following this [page](High performance, low power Embedded Computing Systems | Toradex Developer Center for openembedded installation. My main aim is to run the QT applications on Colibri VF61. After running the below command :

repo init -u -b LinuxImageV2.7
repo sync 

There was not build directory inside the oe-core. Instead I only got the layers directory and a file named export. I searched for the build directory inside the oe-core and found out that it was in oe-core/layers/openembedded-core/bitbake/lib/toaster/tests/builds/ but I dont think its that directory which is missing. Due to this I was not able to run the bitbake command. Can anyone please guide me here what I did wrong.?

Ok. Thanks. I did it and then there was this build directory inside the oe-core. Now after configuring the local.conf, I run the command bitbake -k angstrom-lxde-image. It gave an error showing that I cannot run this in root. So I moved out of root and again run the command but it gave me an error
Unable to create ''
[Errno 13] Permission denied: ''
ERROR: Error parsing configuration files

Either fix your permissions which got probably screwed when moving from running as root back to running as a regular user or maybe easier just ditch your previous stuff and start over this time just as a regular user please.

Did you execute

. export

as mentioned in Setup/Configure after repo sync?

Note: Sourcing ‘export’ configures the shell environment for the current shell session. It must be entered whenever a new shell session is opened for use with OpenEmbedded.

Please refer this forum question for changing permission :