No VGA output with new Colibri evaluation board & new Colibri iMX6 Solo module

Hello all,

I have just unpacked the above kit, carefully inserted the module into the evaluation board, and powered it up - I am unable to detect a VGA signal on the connected monitor.

Upon power-up, I see LEDs 13, 14 light, then a few secs later I see LEDs 7, 8, 9, 10 light, which makes me think that something is working at least?


By the way, I have no mouse & keyboard connected, but I am sure that isn’t the problem?!

I’ve now hooked up a USB debug cable, I can see Angstrom (thought it was going to be WinCE…) boot, so at least I know the board is ok - still no VGA output though!


To debug the issue you should connect a terminal to UART A to get debug output.
Could you attach the output of a full boot up to the login console.

As there is a serial to USB adapter you have the option to either connect your PC to X27 via USB or to connect to the lower connector of X25 by RS232. Then you need to set jumpers J17 and J19 accordingly.

Additionally, how did you connect your monitor to the Evaluation board?

And last, but not least HW Version of the Colibri iMX6 and the Evaluation Board, used OS on the Board and OS version (if you know it) would be helpful context for any question.

You do not have to attach a USB mouse/keyboard to get display output.


link text

Please see boot-log attached.

My monitor is connected to the evaluation board via a VGA cable, I have tested this cable via my laptop’s VGA output so it is proved to work.

Evaluation board == V3.2B
Colibri iMX6 == V1.0B

I’ve now reflashed the module with Angstrom V2.6 (from Toradex website), still boots (with one or two failures that weren’t there before, but looks healthy on the whole) but still no VGA!

Please see boot-log-reflash attached.
link text

I’m comparing the logs, I can see that the kernel command line contains “dev=lcd” in both of them - is this right?


There is nothing indicating an error in both your boot logs.

According to the log the Colibri iMX6 outputs a signal on parallel RGB with resolution 640x480 @ 60Hz.

The Colibri Evaluation Board has a Video DAC connected to parallel RGB which should produce an analogue video signal on the VGA connector X24.


What actual screen are you trying this with? At times customers had issues with certain picky screens and configuring different display timings as explained in the following article on our developer website helped.

It is an Acer S240HL. I have tested the eval-board video outputs with a scope (default LXDE image binary downloaded from Toradex), I can see that there is expected activity on X20 (IDC connector), and also activity on X24 (VGA) - there is no visible activity on X5 (DVI) but I suppose this might be due to the default (“lcd”) configuration?

The VGA output was something I was hoping to get working as a short-term milestone just for confidence, but really we will want to migrate to an LCD screen quite soon, so I won’t worry too much about it - I am quite happy to believe it is indeed a fussy monitor that is the likely issue, so I won’t investigate further.

Sure, above mentioned article really says it all.