No symbol,, loaded when running debugger after include a 3rd party library

After I included curl in my Torizn C/C++ application, it rebuilt successfully. With configuration selected as Debug_debian_arm32v7_bullseye, I started debugging and ran into an exception I have never experienced before. [link text][1]

As shown in the attached Word file, VS2019 debugger says that not loaded and it suggests me to disable disable Torizon C/C++ Support 1.3.0. I’m at wit’s end why it happens and how to solve it.

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Hmm I’ve never seen this error before either but I think I have an idea. I did some research and it turns out this is a typical behavior with openssl. Usually this error is safely ignored, except when debugging/running gdb. More information on phenomenon here: Topic: Is it possible to debug on a remote device? " not loaded" | Sysprogs

Before we proceed can you share if there was any additional output in the debug/output windows of Visual Studio? I just want to confirm whether this is actually the issue or, if it’s a different issue entirely.

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@jeremias.tx This error takes place even before it starts running the main.cpp code. All other windows I checked were all blank.
I ignored the error warning and continued debugging, the code seemed to get executed alright. Big thanks to those who advised so.

One thing interesting I notice, while working on this issue, with Torizon extension on VS2019 -
With other window platforms, e.g. WENCE, I can connect to the target and run both debug build and release build, with the latter having less debugging capabilities. Which doesn’t seem to be the case with Torizon extension.
I have been developing code using Debug_debian_arm32v7_bullseye configuration. I switched to Release_debian_arm32v7_bullseye configuration after I came across this PDB issue. The build went through alright. But when I clicked “Start Debugging”, it did not allow debugger to run.
Did I miss setting up something? Or Release build is simply not intended to be used this way?
Can you send me a some links as to how the Release build gets used/deployed in COM? Thanks!

Are you trying to run the debugger with the Release build/configuration? In the release container I don’t think we include any debugging tools, so it wouldn’t be possible.

Is there a reason you’d like to debug with the release configuration?

AT that time, I tried to run release build while attaching the COM target as the complaining was about PDB file and I’m not confident on the result of running debugger ignoring warnings. So I wanted something to compare against. It’s not essential nor important to me in general to debug on release confguration. Thanks!

The issue is due to the fact that libcrypto tries to assess some CPU capability at startup and this may generate an exception on some versions of ARM cores (CortexA9, for example) that is then trapped and reported by gdb. I had the issue using the curl library that has libcrypto as a dependency.
You can safely ignore this exception.

Ah okay, no worries then.