No space left on device

Hi there,

Colibri iMX6DL
with Viola Carrier Board Rev 1.2
Torizon OS 6.4.0

Running the docker process, we can see the reported error…

docker compose build %s avalonia13-debug
1 error occurred:
* write /var/lib/docker/tmp/GetImageBlob1975099930: no space left on device

Then checking a couple of things…

And then trying to prune any old docker images…
It didn’t seem to help much

Is there something we can try to help clear the storage

Many Thanks Jon

Greetings @jon2023,

Do you know why your device’s storage is so full? Are your container images that large that no other container images can be downloaded?

Best Regards,

Hi Jeremias,

I’ve just been using the same docker container image as previously so the size shouldn’t be a factor.
I’m guessing that some old docker files are still hanging around after using the docker prune command and came across this link… which really helped

danger, read the entire text around this code before running you will lose data

$ sudo -s
$ systemctl stop docker
$ rm -rf /var/lib/docker
$ systemctl start docker
$ exit


$ df -h /


Glad you were able to resolve your issue. Though I’m still curious why your device is still so full. Are you storing some kind of data on the device?

Best Regards,