'No signal' on monitor

Dear Sir

Now I am using Toradex Easy Installer.
When I installed Linux by this tool, the monitor display windows well.
But I installed WCE 7 at same board by same tool, the monitor didn’t find signal.
I selected install method by network installation at Easy Installer.
I attached booting log, and think it looks goods.

The monitor manufacture is LG, support Full HD and has HDMI port.

Best Regards
Jinho Lee / GTV


The Windows Embedded Compact 7 image is configured to use VGA output and this will lead to no output on the ixora. To enable HDMI you need to change the registry:

You can access the user interface with the remote display tool:
Remote Display | Toradex Developer Center
if you put it in the autorun folder of an SD card or an usb thumbdrive it will be launched automatically, allowing you to connect from your PC over a network connection.