No session for pid 158 in torizon

1)i am running lxde gui environment on my toradex board on which i have a torizon operating system but every time i switch on my board it always shows an error message “No session for pid 158” what it is?

2)i came to know that torizon is debian based and the other linux version is Angstrom based…so is there a way i can make my Angstrom version into debian based?can i add some source files into it so that it can work for both angstrom and debian systems?

3)i made a sample GUI program using python(pyQT) and it is running fine through the command line but i want that the GUI runs automatically when i turn on my system how can i do so…i have done certin things like creating a docker container for it and follows the steps as mentioned on your website…
debian with lxde
but still i am not able get my GUI opens at the start of the board…

Greetings @akshat

Let me go through your questions here one by one.

  1. That is a known issue with that particular container. In our testing it doesn’t seem to affect anything. It should be noted that we are working on a more featured container based GUI that will ship with Torizon in the future.
  2. I’m not quite sure what you mean here. So like I said previously everything in Torizon is container based so you can run any kind of environment you want.
  3. For your python application to be persistent within the container you’ll need to modify the container itself. This documentation gives some instruction on how to do this:

Let me know if you have further questions or if I can clarify anything.

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Dear @akshat,

LXDE docker source file can be found here :