No package 'libgda-3.0' found

As part of integrating SQLite to my gtkmm application in Eclipse IDE,
I installed libgda-3.0.0.

Eventhough libgda-3.0.0 installation was successful along with dev tools,
when I try to install libgnomedb-3.0.0 (which requires libgda-3.0.0 already installed) , it says that ‘No package ‘libgda-3.0’ found’.

Can someone guide me on why it throws error even after I ve installed?

hi @JoanofArc

Welcome to the Toradex Community!!!

Could you provide the version the hardware and the software of your module?

Concerning you issue: Are you installing eclipse on the module? Which eclipse version are you using? What is your host distribution?

Best regards, Jaski