No modem support for Colibri VF61?

I wonder why the Colibri VF61 is not in the modem support list* of applicability. We are currently using it and plan to add a modem. What is the reason why the VF61 cannot be used?


Hi @kaizdaniel

VF61 can be used with a modem. They are normally attached through USB. You just have to make sure you include ModemManager and NetworkManager in your Image by adding the following to your local.conf:

IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " modemmanager networkmanager"
IMAGE_INSTALL_remove = " ofono connman connman-gnome connman-client"
DISTRO_FEATURES_remove = " 3g" # To finally remove ofono

Also make sure you use a recent version of our BSP or then you need to manually update some recipes and maybe also need to enable modem support in the kernel configuration. See this example layer for that (shouldn’t be necessary with BSP3.0+):