No matching Manifest for TorizonCore Builder


I am using a Parallels x86_64 Ubuntu VM on a Silicon M1 Macbook as a host machine and when I try to source the file for TorizonCore builder I receive the following error:

no matching manifest for linux/arm64/v8 in the manifest list entries
Error: could not pull TorizonCore Builder from Docker Hub!

Will my VM setup work with TorizonCore Builder? Is there a platform I can specify?


Greetings @bengur,

It looks like Docker is trying to pull down an arm64 variant of TorizonCore Builder which doesn’t exist on Dockerhub. By default Docker tries to pull container images with a matching architecture to whatever machine you have. In your case this is arm64, this seems in spite of the fact you’re using an x86 VM. In which case you have two options:

  • In the script, you can see there’s a line where it performs the docker pull. You can try to add the --platform flag to this docker pull command and force it to pull down the linux/amd64 version instead of arm64. Your x86 VM if configured properly should be able to execute the standard amd64 version of TorizonCore Builder.
  • Alternatively, TorizonCore Builder is open source and can be found here: GitHub - toradex/torizoncore-builder: TorizonCore Builder is a tool that allows the customization of TorizonCore images.
    So, you could just build an arm64 container image of this and use that. That said we haven’t done any testing on arm64 platforms so some unforeseen issues may occur.

Best Regards,