No high-frequency counter on iMX7D

There is no high-frequency counter available on iMX7D on WEC2013 in C++, so QueryPerformanceFrequency()/QueryPerformanceCounter() don’t give high-precision timings.

Is there a timescale for implementing this?

This is currently not supported. We will implement this when we add support for multicore

Hi @luka.tx ,

Just to let you know that I’ve just installed the 1.1b4 image with multicore support and I’m still not seeing high frequency timing. Do I need to do anything to enable it?

Dear @steve274

I just tested QueryPerformanceFrequency() and QueryPerformanceCounter() using WEC7 V1.1b4. We use the same source code to build the WEC2013 BSP, so there’s no reason why the behavior should be different under WEC2013.
The test was successful, the performance counter is ticking at 32.768kHz

Regards, Andy

Hi @andy.tx

Thanks for checking that out. The Performance Counter on the iMX6 runs at 1MHz. I was expecting a similar frequency on the iMX7.

Hi @steve274
The 32kHz counter was the easiest to implement. We currently have no plans to switch to a faster counter - also because of the lack of queries for the feature.
Do you have a real need for a faster counter?
Regards, Andy

Hi @andy.tx

We need a stable, millisecond-accurate clock so probably not. I was querying it because there is a much faster counter on the iMX6 and even the PXA270 which we have used for some time.

I’m now doing some initial testing of the iMX7 in production conditions, it is looking good so far.

Thanks for your help!