No ext4 Kernel support in BSP 2.8 for Colibri T30

Upgrading our OE stack from BSP 2.5 to 2.8 (fresh build) and noticed that our SD cards which are formatted in ext4 are no longer mounted. Reformatting in ext3 works fine, but is a pain (have to transfer existing data).

It would appear that the kernel doesn’t support ext4 by default. I’ve built the image from the angstrom-lxde-image with a few additions and tweaks (none that relate to filesystems).

root@pvp:/media# cat /proc/filesystems
nodev   sysfs
nodev   rootfs
nodev   bdev
nodev   proc
nodev   cgroup
nodev   tmpfs
nodev   devtmpfs
nodev   debugfs
nodev   sockfs
nodev   usbfs
nodev   pipefs
nodev   anon_inodefs
nodev   rpc_pipefs
nodev   devpts
nodev   ramfs
nodev   nfs
nodev   nfs4
nodev   cifs
nodev   autofs
nodev   fuse
nodev   fusectl
nodev   oprofilefs

Yes, due to known issues with ext4 in that downstream 3.1 kernel we disabled ext4 support by default. You may of course compile a customized kernel with ext4 enabled again if you feel that it works for your particular use case but we won’t be supporting any such.