No ethernet detected Colibri VF50

I have one Iris Career Board and several Colibri VF50s. Two of the Colibri SOMs, both are 128MB V1.2B. I had to re-flash (bring-up) WinCE6 in order to get past the bootloader screen. But, now after re-flashing, ethernet doesn’t detect on either. I have used recovery mode, then flashed WinCE6, 7 or even 8, but I don’t believe this is a software-related problem. I can change registry settings, set the IP address, and perform all other routine chores, but neither Iris’ Ethernet LEDs light up, nor does the network connectivity function.
Additionally, I have a spare Colibri VF50 128MB IT that I installed on the same Iris Board using the exact same recovery and bring-up procedures, and the ethernet on that device functions flawlessly. The bring-up procedures have been no success despite countless repetitions of this technique and going through numerous power cycles.
I would appreciate any assistance. Thanks!

Colibri VF50 128MB V1.2B
Iris Career Board Rev 1.1

Hi @3xoticAlpha ,

Seems like ethernet gone bad
Please submit RMA form