No DVI output PXA320_806IT v1.2B

Hello, I have several colibri boards PXA320_806IT v1.2B which have no image output on the Iris rev 2.0 carrier board, the project runs on windowsCE5. Version PXA320_806IT v1.2C has an image and version PXA320_806IT v2.0 also the system works normally. Do I have to change something on the support plate for the image output?
Thank you for the advice.

Colibri PXA 320 has no DVI interface so output to digital only DVI monitor is impossible. Colibri module has a parallel RGBI interface and Iris board has a parallel RGB to VGA converter. Output of this converter is routed to analog pins of DVI connector . So you can use a simple adapter like this and connect a VGA monitor. If your PXA320_806IT v1.2B modules doesn’t have an output they can be either not programmed at all or have a wrong display parameters. Could you please specify what have you flashed to PXA320_806IT v1.2B and provide logs form debug serial port.

Of course, the PXA320 does not have a dvi connector, but the IRIS carrier board has a dvi to VGA monitor where it is connected. I did not program the PXA320 here. I just need to adjust the parameter so that it is output to the screen, I can do it by cloning or I need JTAG. Yes, I use it
adapter that you sent, all boards are functional on the manufacturer’s support board, only some have output to the screen and some are not specific versions, I wrote above. Sorry, I’m using google translator.

You can use the remote display tool and adjust display parameters as described here.