No data partition mount with kirkstone 6.6.0

I have upgraded my yocto project from dunfell 5.7.3 to kirkstone 6.6.0 and apparently the data partition mmcblk2p4 is not mounted anymore to /data. Selected MACHINE is colibri-imx7-emmc. The project I have upgraded is based on tdx-reference-minimal-image with a few additions in our own meta layer. With dunfell everything works as expected, partitions are mmbblk0p1, p2, p3, p4 and p4 is mounted to /data (/etc/fstab). However with kirkstone partitions are mmcblk2p1, p2, p3 and p4 but p4 is not automatically mounted to /data anymore - manual mount with mount /dev/mmcblk2p4 /data works. Tezi image is flashed with Easy Installer, everything works, module boots, just the automatic mount not anymore

Hello @mpfister,

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It looks like these data partitions and the mount points were created by you in your Yocto build setup.
By default, we do not have a /data partition on these images. It looks to me that you have created this in your image.
Could you please check what the mount points look like on the default reference images from our Easy Installer Feeds for these image versions?

Hi @rudhi.tx

Thanks for your reply. Yes you are correct that mmcblk2 partitions are created with custom Tezi. Sorrry for not updating my own question but finally in turned out it was really a stupid mistake. In /etc/fstab i had:

/dev/mmcblk2p4 /data auto defaults,sync,noauto

and i changed it to

/dev/mmcblk2p4 /data auto defaults,sync