No carrier boards in-stock for Verdin i.MX 8M Mini ? Will Colibri or Apalis carrier boards work?

We are attempting to start a new product cycle based on a Verdin i.MX 8M Mini using boot2qt

  • SOM module parts are available which is good.
  • However, Verdin carrier boards are NOT available for two months

Are there any alternatives, to start software development now, using a Verdin i.MX 8M Mini SOM ?

I understand Toradex SOM modules are pin compatible.

Will a Verdin i.MX 8M Mini SOM, work on Apalis or Colibri carrier boards ( we have these )?

Are boot2qt images “carrier family specific” or “SOM module family” specific?

Thank you,


Unfortunately you need a Verdin family carrier board. Carrier boards designed for Apalis or Colibri modules are not compatible with Verdin SOMs.
Toradex should have a limited stock of Dahlia carrier board. OR you can try to order one of the Partner’s carrier board:.

You can also download Dahlia or Verdin Development Board design files and order board from PCB manufacturer.

The boot2qt images are “SOM module family” specific.

Thank you Alex,

I was told “limited stock” for Verdin carriers meant one to two month shipping delay.


Hi Ed,

“Limited Stock” does not necessarily have an associated lead time to it. But regardless, as I am writing this we do indeed have run into supply issues on our Verdin carrier boards which thankfully we should be back to normal within weeks.

Let me reach out to you via email.