New BSP 3.0 problem with OpenGLES in GTK+ application

I have used T20 for many years.
The world is moving forward.
I look at new modules with IMX8

I see a lot of changes in the new BSP 3.0.

My test platform is "Colibri iMX8 DualX 1GB + IRIS 2.0

In BSP 3.0 is Wayland , is possible build image with XOrg ?
Is it possible ?
If not then where is the limit/problem?

My application uses GTK + to draw the GUI, but also use OpenGL ES to draw few thinks on GPU
In BSP 3.0 my application works but but without OpenGL ES , few functions are missing

  • gdk_x11_display_get_xdisplay
  • gdk_x11_window_get_xid
    What are the replacements for WL?

My sample application based on this example
My sample application display “RED square” :wink:
I am looking for the simplest working example “GTK+” + “OpenGL ES”
Wayland is probably very new and there are not many examples :frowning:

Hi @draminski

Thanks for writing to the Toradex Support.

Regarding your questions:


In Bsp 3.0, for iMX8, there is Wayland only and for other SoCs, there is X11 only. Wayland contains also Xwayland. The limit is that NXP is moving to Wayland for the newer SoCs, so if you want to build an X11 image, then you have to customize everything by yourself.


I don’t know about these exact functions. Maybe you can have a look here.

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About Q1
I found i.MX Yocto Project User’s Guide

Only i.MX 6 and i.MX 7 support X11
this road is closed :frowning:

About Q2
I tested similar samples and all works OK, but any samples don’t use GTK+ OpenGl ES and Wayland in one application. I have a problem connecting all together.
In your example window is created over wl_egl_window_create()
In my application I have GTK+ window gtk_window_new()
I don’t know how to connect my GTK+ window with eglInitialize.
The solution will be on two lines of code, but at the moment I do not know what.


Yes, the future for iMX8 is Wayland only.

Regarding Q2, we are also in the process to write documentation for porting applications from X11 to Wayland but we did not finish yet. Currently we won’t able to help you on this.

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