Network icon in Taskbar missing


In the latest WinCE build 2.4b2 the network icon in the task bar is missing.
When I try the 2.2b2 there is a network icon in the taskbar.

I have no idea how it is on the versions in between.
I guees it has been removed from the image? Why?

It is no big thing, but it was just nice to have.


Hi @TJO ,

The problem seems to exist only on 2.4b2. It looks like the netui.dll included in the image is the standard one from MS instead of the Toradex modified one which adds the system try functionality (As MS removed complete Explorer functionality in CE8).

Not sure why this happened, it looks like during the build process netui.dll was not overwritten with our special version. Maybe some antivirus blocked access to the file… i will investigate more, but by rebuilding the issue seems not to be reproducible,

I will fix this in the next release and make sure that it does not happen again.

In the meantime you can patch this issue by adding the right netui.dll to the \Flashdisk\EarlyAutocopy\windows folder and enable the EarlyAutocopy feature.
For your convenience i added a .reg file you can just double click and the correct netui.dll here:

NetUI Patch

NOTE: Don’t forget to save the Registry after importing the reg file.

Let me know if it works.