Network driver for particular device

Good day!
i have my network driver
this driver work quite good.
i see him in “ifconfig” menu of linux

For send command from user space to kernel space i use function

In user space i use:
ioctl(fd, SIOC_SETREGISTER, &ifr)

all was quite good until kernel 6.0.1

I mean that on 5.9.9 kernel command from user space to kernel space going good.

But after moment when i updated kernel to 6.0.1 ioctl function return error.

I have no idea what should i do for resolve this.

can somebody tell me where should i try search decision ?

I’d start by checking Kernel messages (dmesg) to see if the driver gets loaded and initialized correctly. If it does, you can add some debug output to the IOCTL routine of your driver to see where it fails

yeah. i did it. dmesg show nothing. errno in ioctl show for me next:

ioctl: Operation not supported

You can insert some debug output into the network driver code to investigate why the driver is reporting an ‘Operation not supported’ error.

yeah. i did it. but driver do not catch message from IOCTL.