Netrwlanu driver is missing

After installing NetrtwlanuWEC2013.CAB and importing connectionmanager remove in regedit and saving the registery setting , the netrwlanu driver is missing. We have followed the native wlan source code and made our custom application. First it was working, and now suddenly the netrwlanu is missing? What could be the reason?

Thanks for the help.

Dear @tanvi
Can you please clarify whether you are using wince13 or wec7?
Regards, Andy

Respected @andy.tx sir, I am using WEC2013

Dear @tanvi
Ok, I fixed your environment description.
Regards, Andy

respected @andy.tx sir, now what I did is I cleared the registery. I reinstalled the wlan driver. Worked fine. After doing some registery settings to create FTP server and then rebooting the machine. After machine reboot, wlan driver is again missing.

Dear @tanvi,

Could you share FTP server registry with us? Also, Write exact step by step instructions for during FTP server registry create and reboot.
Could you download this registry and open it notepad and verify following registries are available in the device and when not working state.