.NET Core app working on iMX7-EMMC but not on iMX8X with same Yocto configuration

I followed the instructions here in order to get .NET Core supported on my Yocto build. I built it for an iMX7-EMMC that we have, and I was able to get the app to run without issue. However, when I build for the iMX8X, the program doesn’t run.



Is there anything I’m missing that I need to configure to get this to run on the iMX8X?

Brian Kelly

Hello @Brian.Kelly ,

It’s hard to say exactly what the issue is as I’ve never used those instructions for building .Net apps with Yocto. Probably what is happening is that some dependency is missing related to the dynamic loader or something. Can you run file ./Program and report the output?

Also, running it under strace might be instructive. You may need to add it to your Yocto build if it is not already there. There is a recipe in openembedded-core already so you should be able to just add IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " strace " to your conf/local.conf file to enable this.