.NET Core 3 on Torizon with Visual Studio?

Hi Toradex,

Is there any time schedule when we can expect .NET Core 3 support directly in Visual Studio 2017/2019(and without the use of Visual Studio Code + Linux Sub sytem)?
And when the .NET UI (Form?) integration in ready?


Greetings @TJO,

At the moment we don’t have a definite timeline regarding updates and features for the Torizon Visual Studio extension. However we are still committed to working on and improving this project based on customer feedback.

If I may ask have you also considered Visual Studio Code? I ask as our current attention is expanding tools here since it’s a multi-platform IDE that would work for both Windows and Linux users. If you have any issues with Visual Studio Code compared to Visual Studio we’d appreciate any feedback you can give us.

Best Regards,


I do not know Visual Studio Code but it seems to be a bit more work in creating projects etc.

We use Visual Studio 2013/15/17 here at work and it is the tool of choice.

Using Visual Code need to be cleared by IT department etc. I guess it would be no big deal to do this, but still.
But I also need to get Windows Subsystem for Linux on my PC. That may be a bigger problem to get promission to do so.

With Visual Code there is a lot of command and editing files that need to be done just for creating a project. It seems to be a little more a hassle, compared to Visual Studio.

In my opinion working in Visual Studio is fatser and more optimized. Less time consuming.


We understand where you’re coming from. Currently our focus is to support as many platforms as possible, so Visual Studio Code has been prioritized so we can cover both Windows and Linux integration. We value your feedback and definitely hope to work on Visual Studio .NET integration and extend from our existing C++ support.

Any further details about your project you can provide as well as other general feedback is also greatly appreciated as it helps shape our future decisions.