.NET Compact Framework API


I am currently looking for information about .NET Compact Framework 3.9. I was not able to find the complete API of the Compact Framework.

I do have access to the .NET API browser but I don’t see any entry for the Compact Framework.

I also found this link except that the documentation doesn’t seem to be exhaustive and the information is not easily accessible.

According to this link, the classes and methods compatible with the Compact Framework are clearly mentioned in the documentation. I don’t see anything like that in the .NET API browser and the interface seems different.

Is there any documentation on the Compact Framework 3.9 API? What am I missing?

Some useful information for those who are also looking for this API.
The API is only accessible through Visual Studio Help Viewer (offline version):

The API is in a format similar to the one shown here: Roadmap of .NET Compact Framework Documentation (Compact 2013) | Microsoft Learn

While not perfect, this solution can be very helpful.