.NET CF Initialization Error With VF61, Win EC7 and CF 3.5

What can cause error ".NET CF Initialization Error in VF61 EC7 running with 3.5 CF when starting executable? I got this error message after 2-30 reboot when application was in the autorun folder.

“The application failed to load required components. If the .NET Compact Framework is installed on a storage card, please ensure that this card is in place and launch the application again. If this fails, a reinstallation of the .NET Compact Framework is recommended. Support info: -2147479552 (800010000)”

Reinstallation fix this. But how I can avoid and fix this root cause?

I noticed this will occur after reflashing VF-61 module using update tool and selecting Filesystem, OS-image and registry. So maybe that wont copy all needed information for CF?


Can you open system folder on \flashdisk and select show hidden files? Do you have .NET framework files there?

Hi, I have the same issue with CF 3.5 and WEC 7. As you suggested, reinstallation fixed the problem. However, I am putting my application into production, so I think it would be better if Toradex could fix this.

Do you have RX pin of UART connected to pullup? If not than you can have an issue of registry erasing.

Hi Luka.

I have RX connected (I’m using an Iris Carrier Board with IMX6 DL) in UART-A RS232. Is this a known bug or pulling up RX is always necessary to not lose registry settings?


Now you talk about IMX6DL, do you use Vybrid or IMX modules? On Vybrid floating RX can make your registry empty. What do you have connected to UART? Maybe something send characters that clear registry? You can also change debug port to UART B for a test. Just enter the bootloader and type: set ser.port 2 and save ser.

But please not after this debug output will be on UARTB