Need support to Set the primary Display on IMX8QM

Hello Support Portal,


We have connected the Dual Channel display on the LDB2 node and the Single Channel display on the LDB1 node.

Dual Channel Display: 1920X720

Single Channel Display: 1280X800

The android is detecting both the display


Currently Android considers Single channel 1280X800 Display as a primary display and a Dual channel 1920X720 display as a secondary display.

What we want :

Dual channel display - primary

Single channel display - secondary

We have tried following things

  1. First we connect the Dual channel display and then after some time we connect the single-channel display but still, the single-channel display is considered as a primary display

Note: If we disable the single-channel display node from the device tree then the dual-channel display is considered the primary display.

Hi @vedantsuthar,

I am afraid to say but please note we do not have experience in Android. I would suggest kindly check respective nxp guide for Android or contact our Android partners for same. Please check list of partner supporting android as below

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Ritesh Kumar