Need of voltage level shifter for Verdin iMX8M Plus HDMI (eARC) connection?

Dear team,

will it be possible to connect the eARC_N(pin 190) and eARC_P(pin192) signals of the Verdin iMX8M Plus directly from the HDMI connector to the module or do we need a level shift (5V to 1.8V)?


On the Vedin iMX8M Plus module, the eARC signals are directly connected to the edge connector pins. There are no components in between. Therefore, all the signal conditioning needs to be implemented on the carrier board.

We highly recommend following the NXP reference design for the eARC signals. This means only series capacitors, ESD diodes, and a common mode filter is required. Since the eARC_N signal is shared with the hotplug detection, a voltage divider (1.2k/47k) is required between pin 19 of the HDMI connector and the HPD input of the module. You can find the NXP reference schematic on page 15 of the baseboard schematic files: 8MPLUS-BB Schematics