Native Compilation for NPM packages

I have tried to install the development packages in Linux as described at

The image I use is Colibri_iMX6_LinuxImageV2.7_20170112 (Angstrom v2016.12 - Kernel 4.1.35-v2.7b1+gc117783).

When I execute the command opkg install packagegroup-sdk-target then I get an error, that the package is not found.

I need the native compiler only for the NPM package zeromq during installation via NPM.


Our mirror of the feeds do not (yet) contain the needed packages.
You could edit /etc/opkg/base-feed.conf to point to:
src/gz base-armv7ahf-neon Index of /feeds/v2016.12/ipk/glibc/armv7at2hf-neon/base/
and /etc/opkg/noarch-feed.conf
src/gz no-arch Index of /feeds/v2016.12/ipk/glibc/all/

And try again

opkg update
opkg install packagegroup-sdk-target nodejs nodejs-npm zeromq-dev
opkg install python-compiler python-multiprocessing
npm install zmq

Note that the prefered way of creating images is to cross-compile stuff within OE/Yocto and then deploy it on target modules.

For nodejs and npm modules the Yocto Wiki has this informative page on how to create recipes to get to this goal.