Name of TID of ToradexTaskManager

We have three Colibri T20 256MB IT V1.2A SN:05131513, 05215560 and 05202639. The entire BSP is copied from 05131513 and flashed it to other two modules with Production Programming Tool for Tegra Modules(the latest update tool). Everything is fine on 05131513. However, NK.EXE consume lots of CPU resource on the other two modules, Normally it should be around 10%. ToradexTaskManager shows TID 02BB0002 of NK.EXE is the main factor as the picture shows. When the LPT.EXE application is killed, NK.EXE will release CPU resource. It is a customized image with several drivers integrated into NK.EXE. But the same BSP behaves differently on different modules and it makes me confused. So is there method to find out the thread name of that TID 02BB0002 ?

i forgot the picture.

I’m afraid it is not possible to query the thread name from the TID.

For this particular problem I suspect that a floating signal is generating interrupts and thus loads the CPU. The UART driver is a candidate. Have a look at the following issues in the release history:

If my guess is correct, updating to the latest OS image would solve the problem.

Regards, Andy

Yes, the float CTS signal interrupts cpu too much. It is fine when CTS is pulled up to 3.3V.