MXM3 connector for Apalis boards

The recommended connector for Apalis boards is listed as JAE MM70-314-310B1 , which has 314 pins out of which 310 is usable. However the Ixora datasheet (page 12 - mentions

In the Ixora datasheet, Section 3.1, it also states " MXM3 321 pin Socket ". Could you please confirm that the following connector is compatible with Apalis modules ?

Hi @rogerp,

The proposed land pattern of the MXM3 module connector (to be used with Apalis module) is slightly different form the one that can be found in the MXM3 connector datasheet. The reason is that the Apalis module standard does not combine power supply pins to large pads. Also the pin numbering is different.
Because of the above reason, you can find the difference in the pin numbers.

Please refer to the Apalis Design Guide (section 2.1.3 and Section 4.5) for more details:

Following in the Digikey web-link for required connector:

let us know, if you have any further question.

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Satyan Raj

It seems the JAE (part number MM70-314-310B1) is only supported until 2021. Can you share MXM 3.0 Connector alternatives that would be supported until at least 2027 and beyond?

Some question here. What is the plan of Toradex? Do the Apalis get a redesign?

Hello Michael,

The JAE MM70 - 314B1-2-R300 is the new one. There was some accidental confusion at JAE that send out EOL for this connector but this was wrong.

Hello Florianh,

Well the change is just minimal there are only do additional pin pads that are not connected.
We will update the Reference design in the future with that updated footprint.

Best Matthias Gohlke