MXM3 and IOs

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I have a question about the pinout of the Apalis Evaluation board. There are several connectors on the board. For example: X2, X3, X4.

X2 consists of grounds, 3v3 and a lot of MXM3 pins. X3 consists of of jumpers between X2 and X4. X4 consists of GPIO0-GPIO8, PWM0-PWm4,CAN, and some more logic pins.

For example: If I want to use PWM 2, I search in the datasheets of the Apalis iMX6 and Evaluation Board for the Linux number and GPIOX_IOXX number.

For example. PWM 2 is MXM3_4 > GPIO1_IO01 > Linux number: 1. If I put my cable in X4.14 (PWM2) and have the jumper removed. The programm that I made for this PWM isn’t working. If I replace the jumper or use pin X2.14 It works.

Is this because the logic of X4 pins only works if a jumper is placed to connect X4 with X2? or is there an other way to use X4 pins?

It is not a problem for me to use X2 instead of X4 I’m just curious about it.

I am looking forward to hear your reaction

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You can find apalis eval board shematics here:
Hopefully it’ll make things a bit clearer for you.

If I check the datasheet (page 52 - 55). I see GPIO mapping. So It is true what I said? you can only use X4 if you have enabled the jumper on X3?

Sorry, I was meaning to attach this link