Mx6ull 512mb it v1.1a ,00441100

Hi sir,

At the time booting the below error coming , now what should i do ,
In this which pin is exact problem.

End trace message coming

HI @bharatsurendra,

Thanks for writing to Toradex Community.

Regarding your question to understand better please provide and share more details.

  • Share complete boot logs in text format.
  • Share complete BSP details.
  • Have you tested default image, are you facing similar issue there as well.
  • Is your issue reproducible in any way, if yes please share how to reproduce issue so that we can test same at our end.

Best Regards
Ritesh Kumar

Dear Sir,
Please find the log file
Actually we loaded the image files in one carrier board , then there is no issue in errors in that process and SOM is also completely booting fine.
Now i changed the carrier board with my internal design , in that SOM is struck in Booting process at End trace line.
Can you please suggest the in which section was not satisfied foe pins of SOM, why this problem particular carrier board only.

Hi @bharatsurendra ,

This suspect that the issue might be related to your customized carrier board.

We have no idea what changes you have made. Please let us know the what modifications you have done.

Also do tell us if you have made any modification in the image.