Multiple streams to access and record for analogue camera Adapter v2.0A in linux

sir i am trying to access multiple stream from the analogue camera adapter. how can i record and view the live stream of 4 inputs.
And how can we select the particular 2nd channel or 4th channel to get a live stream.
now i am using this code to view the live stream may be ch1.
gst-launch-1.0 imxv4l2src ! autovideosink.
please help.

As indicated in the following article channels selection is currently fixed to channel 0 for Apalis iMX6. That said one can anyway not stream multiple inputs as the ADV7280 is a single instance VADC device really.

ok sir.
then remaining channels in what condition i can use that. sir,as u said "only channel 0 for apalis imx6 "

You may implement channel switching but anyway only ever can capture one single channel at a time.

ok sir,
how channel switching done

i am trying to switch the channel but it showing like this
alt text

what i have to do from this

I assume the data sheet of the ADV7280 indicates how that could be done. As mentioned before our current driver does not implement any such.

The channel switching can be done by using i2cset command by directly writing to ADV7280 channel select register.


i2cset -f -y 3 0x21 0x00 <cam_channel_instance>

May be this test script can help.

if i write this command
i2cset -f -y 3 0x21 0x00 which channel it will shift sir.
and how can i back to my old channel… thanks for support sir…please help.
and one more 0x21 and 0x00 what it indicates…

Read the manual pages please. Refer i2cset man page.