Multiple Image Build

I want to build another image on my Linux system, I have previously Build Angstrom Qt5 IMage but now I want to build a separate image of Angstrom Lxde With Opencv but as I start to re build the process an error strike on the console that the Build is incomplete, Please try again.
How can I build Multiple Image?

I was able to get out the error, Now the Bitbake is stuck at Downloading OPENCV 3.3 and it stops at 62% internet is stable and everything seems good, just the downloading of OpenCV 3.3 (Opencv 3.3 do_fetch ) Stops for Hours, I tried again, but it seems to stuck somehow.

Can you please post a complete log where exactly you stuck.

As a workaround, you can try to manually fetch a package and try to compile image.

For example

Download the package by hand (wget, git clone …)

Copy the package into ./build/downloads

Edit the package_name.done file.

Change permission for the *.done file: chmod 777 package_name.done

Compile the image

I got to run the Multiple images now as well as OPencv Now, But I am stuck at Qt5 3D compile as well as Qt5 webkit , I tried cleaning as well as rerunning the task as specified in the developer post but nothing happned.

Can you please post the full error log here, then only we would come to know where exactly you are facing the issue.

Also, have you tried building a single package to isolate if at all these packages are building, as WebKit can take a fair amount of time to build subject to system and network speed