Multiple flash partitions in WEC 2013

Is it possible to create multiple configurable flash partitions in WEC2013?

We’d like to have 3 different partitions, with 2 shown in Explorer with a name of our choosing, and for one of them to be hidden. At the moment, after creating the partitions in Storage Manager they’re shown as FlashDisk, FlashDisk2 and FlashDisk3, and it’s not clear if or how they can be renamed.

This was possible in WinCE 6.0: after creating partitions in Storage Manager, registry subkeys were created in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/System/StorageManager/Profiles/MSFlash/ (Part00, Part01, etc.), which could be used to set individual parameters such as folder name and hidden/shown for each partition. In WEC 2013, these subkeys are no longer created, and manually creating them doesn’t seem to have any effect.

Any tips?

Dear @Monomix

I just verified successfully that the registry settings are still working as expected on my VF61 / WEC2013 V1.5.

Here is how I setup the partitions in the storage manager:

These are the registry settings I used

;--- Default settings
"New Value #1"=""
"Name"="Internal NAND flash"


;--- Additional Settings



A description of the various mount flags is available at Microsoft.

Regards, Andy

Thanks Andy! The missing piece of the puzzle was the requirement that the key names in the additional settings need to match the partition names. (I had renamed the partitions and was under the impression that the key names were of the form partxx where x was the partition index.