Multiboot - select application version on startup

I wonder why there is no hit when searching for “multiboot” on the Toradex website and also on the Community website.

My intention is to have installed multiple versions of an application on the flashdisk. On power-on, the user is allowed to select a specific version of the application in a GUI or console window. The selected application version is then started up.

The bootloader and OS could be identical for all application versions.

Is the right place for this in the bootloader? Did anyone already implement such a feature?

Hi @zorro,

If you just want to start a different version of an aplication, the right way to do it would be to do a little GUI application that is started from \Flashdisk\Autorun that then will ask the user which application he wants to run.

No need to do anything in the bootloader, that would only be needed if you want to boot another OS.

yes, we would like to have multiple OS versions available and select on instance upon startup. Is this possible for example for mulitple Windows CE versions and/or for multiple Linux versions and/or for multiple Windows CE and Linux versions?

Hi @zorro,

Now i’m a bit confused. In your first question you asked about having multiple version of an application, with the same OS (“The bootloader and OS could be identical for all application versions.”)

But now you want to have multiple OS? That’s a completely different usecase.
Anyway if you really want to have multiple OS selectable at boot i’m afraid to say this is not possible on IMX6 SOC. We have support for this only on the Tegra SOCs (T20 and T30 Apalis and Colibri).